TTS Load Cell Digitisation with Serial Output

TTS have introduced miniature, high-precision Strain Gauge Converters; converting a strain gauge sensor input to a digital serial output for web tension measurement and control functions; complementing the existing range of load cells.


New Digitiser System

This enables multiple high precision measurements to be made over a low-cost serial link. Outputs can be accessed directly by PLCs or computers, or connected via various types of network, telephone or radio modem, all without compromising accuracy.

This technology is being added onto our existing load cells as an ‘Add On’ product allowing us to maintain backwards compatibility with existing users or allowing us to upgrade devices where requested.

High Stability
 measurement with 5ppm basic accuracy (equates to 18 bit resolution) with comparable stability – far exceeds standard instrument performance.


Key Benefits

  • Integrated into current designs
    • Small footprint – embedded into an extended connector spacer
    • Physical differences to existing devices extended by just 20mm overall
    • No control panel space or installation required
  • Self Diagnostic capability – Continuous monitoring for faults such as
    • Strain overload,
    • Over/under-temperature,
    • Broken sensors or
    • Unexpected power failure.
    • All fault warnings are retained on power-fail.
  • Serial Communications
    • RS-485 bus allowing long cable runs
    • Modbus-RTU communications
    • Baud rates up to 115,000
  • Simple Multi method calibration
    • 3 Calibration methods available
    • Scaling of both force and user defined Units
    • Retains calibration details for future reference and diagnostic support
  • Complete software support package – Free download
    • Enables calibration, diagnostics and monitoring