HPTC Web Tension Controller

HPTC Web Tension Controller

The HPTC Web Tension controller from TTS is a versatile multi functional device enabling this to be used in a number of different applications. Our graphical configuration software interface allows the user to commission, monitor and data log together with advanced diagnostics all in one unique package.

HPTC- Commission - Grey


Electrical Details

Electrical wiring details are available from this tab. There are two current electrical schematics available. These are intended as guidelines only and may not be specific for your application. The minimal wiring schematic shows the connections required for a simple unwind arrangement with a single brake using an E/P convertor. The splicing arrangement caters for two analogue outputs to control and switch between stands.PDFIcon-32*32 Electrical Connection ManualPDFIcon-32*32 Minimal Wiring DetailPDFIcon-32*32 Wiring Detail with Splicing Configuration

Mechanical Details

Integration details into a panel for mounting the HPTC are provided in this document.PDFIcon-32*32 Mechanical installation detail

Operating Manual


Configuration Manager is our complementary Windows program enabling easy configuration of the HPTC controller, it provides complete diagnostic tools and a range of other features making light work of commissioning your product.Link to Configuration Manager Software Installer