Position and Edge Sensors

Roll 2 Roll

Imagine running a transparent material to an opaque material, or porous to non-woven webs, without having to change sensing heads or recalibrate your system settings…… Thread any material and go!

Position Sensor

Web Position Sensors

Position Sensor

​ARIS Web Position Sensors ​can measure edge position, contrast position, position of a line on the web, web width, count and monitor threads of any material, or guide of a contrast without the need for any setup or calibration. The sensing principle relies on light scattering and spatial filtering properties of fibre optics to accurately determine the web position.

Paired with the SCU5 Controller or as a retrofit application, ARIS WPS is an affordable simple alternative to vision based or laser sensing systems.

Sensors with 48 mm, 221 mm, and 440 mm sensing window, compatible for edge sensing, contrast position sensing, width measurement and monitoring, thread counting, line sensing and multiple additional applications.

Sensors are offered with three different light sources – IR, White Light or UV depending on the sensing function.

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