Online DCA-10 Manual

DCA-10 Configuration Manager Program

TTS supplies a FREE Windows program that provides configuration and monitoring functions. This will function on almost all existing DCA-10's supplied from TTS.
The program is available for download at
A simple RS485-USB converter lead is required. Simply connect the + and - wires to the amplifier.
TTS can provide an approved lead with visual indicators showing communication is working
A demonstration mode is included - select Demo Mode from the Tools Menu
Follow these few simple steps to put the amplifier into RS485 mode and select an address
Power Off
Press the two front panel buttons together
Power On
Press either of the two buttons to select an address in Binary format - For example A+B lit is address 3
When the address is selected hold the last button and press the other button at the same time. This will commit the address
The LED's will go off and the RS485 LED will remain lit