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Roll 2 Roll

Imagine running a transparent material to an opaque material, or porous to non-woven webs, without having to change sensing heads or recalibrate your system settings…… Thread any material and go!

Web Guiding

Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC offers Retrofit Guiding Systems, Rewind and Unwind Guides, Displacement Guides or OPGs (Offset Pivot Guides), Low Profile and Wide Web Guides with the most advanced web guiding technology.

All web guides operate with our plug and play sensors, so they’re simple to install and easy to operate. These guides are capable of accurately aligning porous, non-porous, opaque and clear materials without the need to calibrate the sensors. The operator interface display has language independent icons for quick selection between edge, centreline, contrast or line guiding. The controllers can be operated remotely through industrial Ethernet, Profinet or locally with the touch screen display.

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Retrofit Web Guiding Kits

WEb Guiding Retro

Roll-2-Roll Technologies Web Guide Retrofit Kit enables easy upgrade of any existing pneumatic, hydraulic or electromechanical web guiding system with the next generation sensing and control technology.

Keep the existing web guide mechanical assembly and replace the sensor, controller and actuator with this retrofit kit solution. Properly size the actuator and upgrade displacement guides, steering guides, unwind stands and rewind stands.

OEMs also benefit from this upgrade kit when they pair it with their inhouse built web guide mechanical structure, rollers and mounting brackets. It allows them to provide their customers with the latest in sensor and control technology at an affordable cost.

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Unwind / Rewind Guides

Web Guiding Unwind

Our web guide systems for unwind and rewind applications use the same control and sensor technology available in the rest of web guiding applications. We offer heavy duty actuators capable of shifting large and heavy stands with full rolls. These actuators are coupled with a sensor technology that works with any material without the need of calibration.  Eliminating sensor adjustments and downtime result in a more productive converting line. Edge, centre and contrast guiding is available for this application.

Great application for OEMs, rebuilders, or end users that want to upgrade their unwind / rewind system.

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Roll-2-Roll Technologies products are available in the UK and Europe from TTS Systems providing sales and local technical support.