Product Assistant

Product Assistant is a windows based free download that provides help in making your choice of product from TTS


The link will take you to our installer page where you will be guided through the simple installation process.

arrow-2 Download Product Assistant  Please note this is only suitable for Windows applications at present

An internet connection will be required for downloading and updating but is not neccessary for running the program. If an Internet connection is detected then the program will provide additional information.

Updates will be issued periodically as the product evolves. Once the product is installed it will automatically look to see if there is a newer version and offer the chance to download and install. We recommend you take that choice. It is fast, convenient and adds more features.

Installer Messages

You may receive warnings that this is a program that is downloaded from the Internet from an unknown or untrusted source. It is safe to ignore these warnings and proceed with the installation. Our product is developed on a Microsoft platform using their ‘Click Once’ technologies.


If you have any problems with the product please call us on +44 (0) 1233 624422 and request technical support and we will be pleased to assist. We can also remote into your PC to assist if necessary.