Flat Bed – Stainless Steel

Flat-Bed-900-400Where harsher conditions exist TTS recommend using the Stainless Steel variant. As the cell may be mounted at any angle they are a perfect partner for almost all applications.

With our unique high overload capabilities the cell can be subjected to transient forces many times their rating.

Flat bed cells can be supplied with M12 or Amphenol sockets or with integrated cables

High temperature versions of this type are also available.


Brochures and Manuals

Flat Bed Size 1 Stainless Steel

Technical Drawings
Flat Bed Size 1
1000 – 2500 – 5000 Newtons

PDFIcon-32*32 FB1 General Arrangement Drawing

Flat Bed Size 2 Stainless Steel

Technical Drawings
Flat Bed Size 2
10,000 – 15,000 – 20,000 – 25,000 Newtons

PDFIcon-32*32 FB2 General Arrangement Drawing 1
showing mounting dimensions
PDFIcon-32*32 FB2 General Arrangement Drawing 2
showing outline dimensions with Adaptor Plate