Cartridge Style Screw Mount


This is the base unit for the cartridge cell range. The loadcell can be supplied with the head assembly either fixed for static shaft (CRF) or for use with a rotating shaft (CRL).

The load cell can be rotated to suit any contact point.

There are 2 head sizes
Size 2 for ratings up to 1000N
Size 3 for ratings up between 2500 and 5000 Newtons

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Brochures and Manuals

CRF/L Size 2

Technical Drawings
100 to 1000 Newtons

PDFIcon-32*32 CRF2-CRL2 Screw Mount
PDFIcon-32*32 CRF2-CRL2 Screw Mount with Taper Lock

CRF/L Size 3

Technical Drawings
2500 to 5000 Newtons

PDFIcon-32*32 CRF3-CRL3 Screw Mount
PDFIcon-32*32 CRF3-CRL3 Screw Mount with Taper Lock