Cartridge Style with Flange Mount

CRF - FlangeUsing our base level standard cartridge cell this arrangement is supplied with a flange mounting kit. The cells can be rotated to accommodate any contact point.

There are 2 head sizes

Size 2 for ratings up to 1000N
Size 3 for ratings up between 2500 and 5000 Newtons.

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CRF/L Size 2

Technical Drawings
100 to 1000 Newtons

PDFIcon-32*32 CRF2-CRL2 Flange Mount
PDFIcon-32*32 CRF2-CRL2 Flange Mount with Taper Lock

CRF/L Size 3

Technical Drawings
2500 to 5000 Newtons

PDFIcon-32*32 CRF3-CRL3 Flange Mount
PDFIcon-32*32 CRF3-CRL3 Flange Mount with Taper Lock